Specialised Litigation Support Services

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A Full Range Of Legal And Litigation Support

At Ceres Mesotron, we provide clients, legal teams and courts with dedicated services designed to help resolve a range of cases. Whether you are prosecuting or defending, we offer an independent service, and are here to assist in bringing cases to a conclusion.

​We bring over 35 years’ experience in both private and commercial investigations, and are fully accredited with the Association of British Investigators and the World Association of Professional Investigators.

​Our team is available 7 days a week, and offers free initial consultations: find out below how we can help and get in touch to discuss your case with our team.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations, so get in touch with our team today.

Process Servers

Ensure legal documents – such as court summons and orders – are correctly served to defendants. We can act as process servers for a range of cases, including criminal cases, evictions and matrimonial cases.

​If an individual is not at home, we can offer a ‘substituted service’, whereby the documents are issued to a legal adult at the defendant’s address, or an employee at their workplace.

Asset Identification And Recovery

Often, a defendant in a debt case may try to hide valuable assets, so that they cannot be seized to settle the case. Our investigators are skilled in tracking assets and linking them to individuals, allowing appointed debt recovery agents to collect the assets to pay the debt.

Evidence Gathering

Our investigators can access a variety of sources – both physical and digital – to help find evidence relevant to your case.

​We act independently, and will present factual information for use in the case.

Witness Statements

Witnesses are a key piece of evidence to support or challenge a case. Our team can find people who may have witnessed an incident, or can attest to the defendant’s innocence.

​As independent and transparent investigators, we will never coach individuals to give certain answers, and will present statements as they were given.

Insurance Investigations

Much of our work involves working with insurance companies, to determine whether an accident is legitimate, if it is as substantial as is claimed, and if a claim should be paid out.

​Our team can help determine if a claimant is being honest about an incident, allowing you to act with confidence.

Accident Investigations

When it comes to accidents, it can be hard to determine who is at fault, and even if it was an accident at all. Our team uses a variety of sources to assess accidents, and help you determine both who was at fault, and whether the accident is genuine or fraudulent.

Criminal Defence

We work closely with legal teams to help uncover evidence which may prove their clients’ innocence.

​Our goal is not to undermine the legal process or ‘throw a spanner’ into proceedings, but to supply unfiltered, genuine evidence to support a case one way or another.

Tracing Investigations

If you’re struggling to find someone involved in the case – such as a possible witness or a co-defendant – our specialists are on hand and ready to assist. We have decades of experience in tracing individuals when conventional options have been exhausted.

Status Enquiries

Our team is able to contact a defendant’s bank, and confirm whether they are able to repay an outstanding debt or fine.

​With this information, both sides of the case can work towards an agreed solution.

Road Traffic Investigations

Our team can provide independent, detailed assessments of an RTC (road traffic collisions), helping local law enforcement teams to assess the nature of the collision, and find out the truth behind how the incident occurred.

​We also work with clients looking to prove their innocence, and to confirm who was really at fault.

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