Thorough Private Investigations For Clients In Haywards Heath

Ceres Mesotron Ltd offers a wide range of investigative services to private clients in the area. Discuss your needs with our team today.

Get To The Truth With Our Help

With more than 35 years’ experience in private investigations, Ceres Mesotron is the ideal team to help you find the answers you need. From matters of infidelity to stalking fears, our dedicated, professional team is here to help you find the answers you are looking for.

​Based in Haywards Heath, our team has experience in working on nationwide and international cases and have built up a solid network of connections and sources to aid in our investigations.

​We are ethical, fully regulated specialists, and are members of the Association of British Investigators and the World Association of Professional Investigators. See how we can help and get in touch with our team. We can also assist with commercial investigations.

Tracing Birth Parents

We regularly help individuals looking to trace their birth parents. Much of our work involves those placed into care and children who were adopted. We can help in rare cases where children were switched at birth.

Utilising a range of sources and connections, we can help trace your parents, and if they are still alive, facilitate contact (if both parties wished to do so).

Infidelity Cases

If you have concerns that your partner is not being faithful, our experts are on hand to help. Our decades of experience can help us determine the truth, and once our investigation is done, we’ll present our evidence.

​Our team will present our findings neutrally, allowing you to come to your own decision on your relationship.


Our team can conduct covert surveillance for a range of reasons, including infidelity, moonlighting, and other secretive activities.

​We gather all footage in an ethical manner, using high-quality photo and video equipment.

Vehicle Tracking

Tracking can be a great way to keep an eye on your vehicle, aid in recovery (if it is stolen) and ensure nobody else is driving your pride and joy without permission.

​Our covert tracking devices are accurate, can be hidden virtually anywhere on the vehicle, and do not require extensive modifications to install.

Background Check

Concerned that someone isn’t who they say they are? Our background checks give individuals peace of mind, in particular if they have children.

From identity verification to checks on the sex offenders register (via Sarah’s Law), we can help you determine if someone in your life is being truthful about their past.

Missing Persons Cases

The first few hours in a missing persons case are critical, and at Ceres Mesotron you can trust us to work efficiently. We help families find children, vulnerable family members and friends, via our network of connections and local resources.

​The police may not consider a person to be missing if they have called to confirm they are well, but won’t disclose a location. If you have any worries or concerns, speak to our team today.

Indentity Theft

Identity theft can have a huge impact on your life. If you have concerns that someone is pretending to be you or using your name to carry out crimes, speak to our team.

​We can offer advice and support to help you regain control of your identity. Our team will act fast to help find out who is responsible, and provide the evidence you need to help clear your name.

Stalker Investigations

The feeling that someone is following or watching you can be incredibly distressing. From ex-partners and obsessive admirers to internet trolls moving from online to real-world harassment, our experts can help determine if you are being stalked.

​We work closely with you, and should we find out that anyone is stalking you, help you take your case to the police.

Proof Of Cohabitation

Cohabiting is when two people – usually couples who are not married – are living together. It can impact things like divorce maintenance payments, making our service particularly useful in these cases.

​It can also help private landlords, who are concerned that a property is being sublet without permission, or when people not named on the agreement may be living there.

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